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Holiday schedule : Open Christmas Eve and New Years Eve

Please order ahead the party tray for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

Tuesday Dec 23 11:00~7:00
Wednesday 24 11:00~6:00
Thursday 25 Christmas Day Closed
Friday 26 11:00~6:00
Saturday 27 11:00~6:00 Open
Sunday 28 Closed
Monday 29 Closed
Tuesday 30 11:00~6:00
Wednesday 31 11:00~6:00
Thursday Jan 1 New Year's Day Closed
Friday 2 Closed
Saturday 3 Closed
Sunday 4 Closed
Monday 5 Closed
Tuesday 6 11:00~7:00 Back to regular schedule

Sorry for any inconvenience

We will be open on SATURDAY Dec 27 11:00~6:00

CLOSED on Saturdays, Sundays Mondays and Holidays

Open : Tuesday to Friday 11:00~7:00

We will be temporarily closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays.
Please check for future notice.
We can make party tray. (↑sample)

Thank you very much for your support!

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